6th meridian
hop farm
Yankton, South Dakota
Small Farm Big Hops
We are proud of our small farm as many brewers are proud of their small brewery.
  1. Variety
    Yes there are the big exchanges were you can get whatever you want in the quantities they give. We are young and grow hops matched to our great plains river valley. Our list is small but we hope to add every year. Contact us for our varieties and if we don't grow it, we might be able put in hops just for your brews.
  2. Contracts
    Small and growing? Ain't it hard? We know. Talk to us about contracts that work for the both of us and avoid the hassle of overbuying. Looking for more? We have room to provide hops for larger established breweries. We strive to provide a year round supply line of select local hops to talented brewers of the Midwest and Great Plains
  3. Fresh
    As a small grower in the middle of the country, we love fresh hops. Not only do we get to show off our product at its peak, but also the chance to deliver to the brewers first hand in the process of a special beer. We prefer to hand deliver and love the great farm to beer connection.
Send us a message and let us know! We will start working today to bring a fresh local product.